Life science healthcare was established with the fundamental principles of proving “life science wealth for better care”.Our aspiration is to foster your trust and confidence while providing innovative solutions for distinctive ailments of day to day life. With a paramount expertise in a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, manufacturing and in research and development; Life science healthcare is devoted to boost the awareness and benefits of natural healthcare among the general public.


Life science healthcare UK is dedicated to the business of marketing and distribution of Nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals worldwide. We are also delighted to be involved in the emerging nutricosmetics area which a sizable number of the world’s population are finding to be appealing every year.


Life science healthcare is trusted worldwide by health enthusiasts. All of our products use only the purest, most effective ingredients and vitamins and combine them with the latest scientific research to create cutting edge formulas. We guarantee a health product that promotes a healthier style of living.


what we do

Our local portfolio is a diverse range of prescription, over-the-counter pharmacy and personal care brands. We have a proven track record in launching innovative new brands successfully – modern marketing and superlative customer service.

We’ve become one of the fastest growing nutraceuticals & cosmeceuticals sales, marketing and distribution companies in UK.