Coconut & Aloe Vera Hair Oil (Amla
Coconut & Aloe Vera Hair Oil (Amla

Vitasecret Coconut hair oil is an all-natural solution to healthier hair. Formulated with a combination of Aloe vera and Amla, Vitasecret Coconut hair oil helps promote optimum scalp health by retaining protein and supports healthy hair growth. It keeps them moisturized from within and adds softness and shine for easily manageable hair. It even helps to prevent split ends and hair fall.

This is a unique addition to coconut oil that makes a great difference to your normal hair care routine. Amla strengthen hair roots, Aloe vera keeps them moisturized and nourished from within for healthy and soft.

Vitasecret Coconut hair oil helps in enhancing the shine and extra nourishment to the texture of the hair naturally. It can be used on any type of hair.

Extra nourishing & shining.

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