Vita Secret

Vitasecret have been founded with the idea of keeping your skin, face and hair enriched with vitamins. Keeping your body healthy while looking good has never been easier as our products which were specifically design to tackle problems such as acne, sun damage, dry skin, hyperpigmentation and more.

Our products include face wash lotions such as active control with charcoal, Aloe vera with Vitamin A and D, Neem and turmeric which deeply cleanse your skin and eliminates bacteria and clear out pores leaving a glowing and refreshed skin.

We also consist of a wide range of body lotions and moisturizers which compliments to different types of skin such as Nutri Glow whitening skin which protect the skin from sun damage, Deep Moisture lotion to keep your body hydrated throughout the day, Ultra moisture skin for dry skin and also moisturizing day and night cream to maintain a supple skin.

Our haircare range includes shampoos and conditioners contains natural oils, keratin blended with many more ingredients which keeps your hair healthy, shiny and silkier than ever before. Damage Repair shampoo washes away your hair woes and rejuvenate it.





At Immitec we have been producing some of scandinavia’s finest nutritional supplements to both consumers and medical practitioners since 1984. We have built a reputation of excellence in both manufacturing and formulation of product using our unique evidence based approach. All of our products are backed by lots of clinical and medical studies for there individual ingredient formulation and finished product.    
This unique approach has enabled us to launch several top 10 ranked supplements in their specific product category. We have won many awards such as health product of the year and supplier of the year in Norway, Finland and Holland we also sit on the eu board of a 6 million euro initiative which is researching the benefits of beta glucan. Which involves working with multiple universities across europe.   
Our brands are sold all around the world in some of the largest and most prestigious health stores as well as being used by thousands of medical and health practitioners around the world.
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